I’ve been involved with the Town of Plattsburgh in various ways for most of my life, from peddling popcorn in the grandstands at the Clinton County Fair as a kid, to working for the Parks and Recreation Department as a teenager, to the beginning of my professional career five years ago as Deputy Town Clerk.


As a passionate young professional with a strong network of colleagues, business leaders and public officials, running for Town Council is a natural fit for me at this time in my life. I'm an eager learner and an independent thinker who, if given the opportunity to serve as your next councilperson, will lend an enthusiastic, creative hand in caring for the future of this town and the people who live, work and play here.


A Bright Future for Plattsburgh

It's pretty cool when the place you've called home your entire life remains your happy place year after year. For me, the entire expanse of this plot of land we call the Town of Plattsburgh feels like home and I've always felt a special connection to it. Running for Town Council is a bold and challenging endeavor that I am eager to pursue here in my hometown.


As a young professional involved with several civic organizations, I understand how truly fortunate I've been to grow up and live in one of the most beautiful and historic regions in the country, in a town where dynamic leaders are working together to sustain and improve our exceptional quality of life.


As we all know, Plattsburgh is situated far better than most, geographically and economically, and it’s the consistent and controlled development of areas like Route 3, Tom Miller Road and our industrial parks, as well as an increased focus on recreation, tourism and sustainable energy that will continue to make this town thrive. I believe forward-thinking leadership with a regional approach to government is the best way to do this.

My position as editorial coordinator for Strictly Business and Food for Thought magazines and my previous municipal experience has armed me with a well-rounded skill set that, if elected, will be effective on the Town Board. Youthful energy, creativity and passion should not be overlooked as necessary qualities in our leaders, nor should the need for young women in local government.


As your next councilperson I will bring open-minded, positive vision to the Town of Plattsburgh and encourage cooperative leadership within the Town, City and County. And I will work to encourage more young, old and in between-aged community members of all skill levels, backgrounds and political affiliations to come together to create a bright future for Plattsburgh.


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